Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Children of a Lesser God

“I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have other gods before Me.” First commandment.

Those who have steeped themselves in the “end times” mythology have made an enormous error.

They have forgotten the warnings about false prophets and elevated a human man above all else by looking to one Donald Trump as the new savior who alone can return us to those halcyon days that never existed where women knew their place, black and brown folks were servants, and there were no such things as “alternative lifestyles,” or at least those sinners were punished by the righteous.

Fox Cable Network has opted to pretend that the House Select Committee investigating the January 6, 2021, assault on the Capital is a “hoax”. A partisan effort to crucify their savior. That entity is so fearful that listening to the information presented at those hearings might possibly infect some of their acolytes with fake news that they chose to simply not let their addicted viewers see them. Having boosted their reputations by purveying lie after lie, it has become career-destroying for them to allow reality to invade their air space.

I have been mulling over the rise of Hitler. He, too, offered himself as the only one who could once again make Germany great again. No MGGA hats. His lieutenants, seeing a way to advance their careers and not liking having the French and British humiliating them, hooked their wagon to their star. They found scapegoats, filled their papers and radio waves with suitable propaganda, and off they went into ignominy after a war and genocide, killing tens of millions.

Modi in India is a Hindu nationalist and is taking a healthy democracy into religious zealotry. Same plan. Find a group to hate and ramp up the hatred. Erdogan in Turkey, Xi in China, and Vlad the Impaler in Russia have all ramped up the umbrage, undermined the free press, and created perceived enemies.

Back to idolatry. It is idolatry to raise one person above all others and look to them to save them from perceived evils. Choosing Trump over Jesus and seething hatred over love is the most un-Christian thing I can imagine. Trump, the fattened Golden Calf of the former Christian zealots, is the new high god of low repute.

Protest against SCOTUS ‘Roe’ reversal (Stephen Szybowski)

We are in a time of grave consequences. State after state is prioritizing unborn life over the living. Pregnant women’s lives are of no value except as incubators. Twelve-year-old girls are said to be blessed to be able to raise the product of rape, and those who helped a ten-year-old child victim of rape have been targeted after the tragedy was called a lie until the rapist admitted his crime.

Elected cowards are attempting to find ways to marginalize or criminalize behavior that makes their personal voters uncomfortable. It’s a curiosity that the main argument against marriage equality is that marriage is a sacrament. Sacraments aren’t a state prerogative; they belong to religions. Why are states then issuing marriage licenses? Semantics! States should be in the business of ratifying civil contracts, not marriage. If marriage is what you want, find a member of the clergy or get one of your friends to pay some entity to ordain them. Refusing to allow books that are of interest to some but offend the delicate sensitivities of the pearl clutchers in our midst has become a cottage industry for folks who apparently have such poor relationships with their kids that they need libraries to police their reading habits. It is pure madness.

“Progressives” who used to be Liberals” refuse to take the good because they only will settle for the best. Protesting the Supreme Court makes for nice photo ops but accomplishes nothing. Just as the Trumpist elites make sure they get their names out there, so too do those on the other end of the ego spectrum. Our representatives at all levels cannot seem to do the jobs they were hired to do. Talking heads on TV blather on and on and on, hour after hour. Close your eyes, and depending on the cable news network, they all are mouthing the same doctrine.

We, the people, are the real problem. Too lazy or disinterested to actually make an effort to understand what’s happening, we are allowing not only the purveyors but ourselves to believe the PR crap that hacks produce to obscure reality.

Maybe it is the “end times.” One can only hope.

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M.A. Callahan
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