Tuesday, July 16, 2024

“Wokism” is Really Just the Way Jesus Told us to Live

Washington, DC – Donald, the son of the High Priest of the great god Na Ri A, has declared that the nonsense taught by Jesus of Nazareth was weak. No more turning of the cheek or any of the other “woke” foolishness Jesus yammered on about. The audience responded with applause. A pastor, having delivered a sermon about the gospels, was approached by a parishioner who complained about the “woke” content the preacher preached.

Na Ri A, who demands human sacrifice, has triumphed.

Since the decision in Roe v. Wade, the almost total focus of “Christianity” was the murderous taking of the life of something living in the body of a woman, which some adherents insisted was a human being that must be protected over all other living things, including the woman in whose body it resided or children already living outside the body of a woman or well, anybody. Last summer, the high court decided that the previous ruling that said a woman should have the same rights that men enjoy to decide about their own health was wrong and instead ruled that a living woman had no right to determine that. The thing, a fully actualized human being from conception, inside her body had rights that superseded hers.

The same high court has, over the years, also decided that those human beings currently living should be able to have as many weapons as they could want. I’d say carry, but I can’t see how anyone could carry a dozen or more guns. But who knows?

Thus, we now have a new god. The high priest Donald models appropriate behavior for the worship of Na Ri A. Cruelty, dishonesty, profligacy, and pretty much anything Jesus preached is out the window.

Every year, thousands gathered for “Right to Life” rallies while at the same time voting to deny food stamps, medical care, and other support to already living people.

The primary focus was concentrated on the fight to overturn a woman’s right to bodily agency. That and the curious battle to protect the right to have ever more deadly objects useful for ending life outside of a woman’s body and, unfortunately, sometimes even inside. And so, here we are with the anti-Christian god demanding more and more blood sacrifice and his acolytes, confusingly still referring to themselves as “Christians” but rejecting the words of Jesus.

It sometimes seems that the high priest Donald was the instigator, but for decades, the sermons I’ve heard rarely focused on the message of the gospels. The songs and words seem to be about Jesus dying to save them, but his life and example not so much. “Wokism” is really just the way Jesus told us to live. Caring for the poor and sick, the homeless and afraid, is the gospels’ mandate. The rejection of these ideas and embracing of the grotesque malice and cruelty of the new god makes those who preach this stuff anything but followers of Jesus. But then, the history of the religions claiming to be based on His teaching have been murderous from the time Constantine saw that cross in the clouds and decided to throw over whatever god he was serving and insist, somewhat violently and aggressively, that henceforth instead of killing people who followed the teachings of Jesus it would be necessary to kill those who didn’t. Go figure.

Somehow or other, it always comes down to killing people who don’t comport with the beliefs and convenience of those in power. Fortunately for those fully actualized citizens still secure in another person’s body, any opinions they might have go unexpressed, and so they are the only folks in these United States who aren’t subject to the murderous desires of the great god Na Ri A. That is until they emerge from the safe haven into the mad free for all of blood sacrifice and just plain madness that passes for the public square in the land of the free and the home of the sacrificial offerings.

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M.A. Callahan
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