Monday, July 22, 2024

Two Gods, One Book

It should give us all great comfort to know that judges rather than “experts,” “doctors,” and “scientists” are deciding what drugs are good for us. After all, those radical “progressive” types have forced vaccines on us that have prolonged the lives of people who “god” had planned to off but couldn’t because these demonically possessed people invented something that could derail “his ( white man, white-bearded) plans.

Thank goodness these same judges have also stood in the way of incubators (inferior humans, sometimes called women) ending a life prematurely that the same white-bearded guy wanted to die in some other way.

I myself don’t see a white-bearded guy when I think of God. In fact, my God, the one who created the universe or multiverse, is unimaginable. I don’t see anything.

Apparently, the white-bearded guy wants those fully incubated babies to be blown to pieces by bullets that tear their bodies apart. I think that because the same judges who think they know the mind of their god also think it wants Americans to have guns of mass destruction to further his actual plans for how folks need to die. We actually should fear that god because currently, it seems to want all of us to live in the sure knowledge that at any moment, one of his appointed reapers might turn up at school or church or a bank or a movie or a grocery store or Walmart and fulfill the righteous plan of that god to bring us one by bloody one into his loving blood-soaked arms.

I’m glad my God, whatever the creator is, isn’t quite so enthusiastic. When He and I converse, it’s about compassion and service. The things He spent his time on earth trying to convince us is the way to live.

It’s confusing to realize that we all seem to read the same book yet come from it with utterly different notions. Someone reads it and thinks it tells him to gather a bunch of people to go to the funeral of a fallen soldier and disrupt the solemn ceremony because the military doesn’t persecute gay folks. Others read it and go to a disaster or put themselves at risk to help other people. Someone reads it, goes to a Jewish temple, and kills people there worshipping their God. Others work to build bridges and connections, or they create an interfaith community. Some create food banks or distribution centers, while others refuse to allow funds for school lunches. Some visit prisons to bring the message of Him who they follow; others insist that those prisons be as harsh as possible and advocate for the death penalty. Some open their arms and love and care for children, while others provide cover for those who do irreparable harm to them.

It’s very comforting to know that our judges are making it harder for those who read the book the wrong way to do all that mollycoddling of people who are hungry, sick, naked, or imprisoned or who need clean water or a place to live or care when they are sick. Those folks need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps if they can ever afford boots or shoes or a warm coat. After all, one guy in that book told slaves to just suck it up and do as they were told. That was one part of the book that many in our country took to heart, and those same mollycoddling bleeding hearts caused a whole civil war to end what that one guy in that book said was ok.

One god in that book doesn’t want any woman to have agency over her own body. It wants us to kill each other with guns or mercury or iron in our water or poisons in the air. It wants people without medical insurance to just die, as Rand Paul suggested. I don’t like that god. I’m pretty sure my God doesn’t either.

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M.A. Callahan
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