Thursday, June 13, 2024

Trump’s Illusion: The Dance of Deception, Cult Worship, and the Threat to Democracy

The ‘I’m proud to be an American’ crowd who say they know they are free seem hell bent on throwing away their freedom for a tin pot dictator who wants nothing more than a chance to get out of jail free. Trump openly says he wants to punish all and everyone who ever made him feel as small and pathetic as he knows he really is. That’s a lot of people. For him, being in charge means destroying not just the individuals but also the founding principles and laws that have been the bedrock of our history. 

The ‘Jesus loves me crowd’ supports a totally amoral child who blames everyone but himself for any failings and takes credit for other peoples successes. Credibly accused of cheating in a myriad of ways, he threatens those public servants who are simply trying to do their jobs. He accuses folks who are simply doing their job to enforce the law of hating him while in fact they have no feelings except, perhaps, disgust for his flouting of laws and norms. Trump has no god but Trump, he worships at his own altar, he acknowledges no commandments but those he creates. Like the snake oil salesman he talks and talks and talks and talks says the same things over and over, brainwashing the vulnerable and co-opting the venal. The politicians who kiss his ring every chance they get find that groveling is not enough if they have the temerity to skip a ring kissing session or go off the reservation to state a truth. 

To say the creature is dangerous is a gross understatement, but the danger is a function of the bizarre cult that somehow never looks behind the curtain to see the real frightened, willfully ignorant failure that the man truly is. 

The New York courts have correctly called him a fraud. He puffs out his chest and repeats endlessly the same thread worn tropes yet the adoring fans eat it up. 

The constant lying, the piteous whining, the ridiculous aggrievement never seem to pall for his adoring flock.

In 2016 the press gave Trump endless free access. He called into Morning  Joe almost every day to blather on, and they let him. They and most media outlets covered every rally, reported every bit of nonsense that he spouted and today the media dutifully informs us that Biden is old, which he is but so is Trump. We hear reports every time Biden misspeaks but Trump blathers on and on all his lies and threats and we hear how popular he is and how unpopular Biden is. Biden is a loser but Trump is a winner. Trump wins debates he didn’t participate in. Trump is angry. Trump is pouting. Trump is threatening judges, lawyers, citizens large and small. We get an exhausting account of the struggles of his opponents. Trump is a winner. Everyone else is a loser. In the end, if in fact the man becomes President again, the media will pretend to examine their coverage but it will be too late to save the US. It will take decades to undo the harm Trump and his sad obsequious group of toadies that will run this country into the ground. The only good news is that Trump is old, and his president for life plan should be mercifully short.



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M.A. Callahan
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