Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Never Miss a Chance to Miss a Chance

Washington, DC – There is so much blather across media that it’s hard to distinguish the things that matter from all the noise. As all the primaries play out, the “analysts,” such as they are, all have firmly held convictions. None of them agree. The one thing that stands out for me and has for decades is that the Democrats seem incapable of constructing their own narrative.

A case in point is the issue of the Roe v Wade kerfuffle. Whether or not a woman who finds herself gravid can get un-gravid seems to be the only point of reference. That ought not to be the point. Rather, the reality is that women, unlike men, do not enjoy privacy between themselves and their doctor. Apparently, pharmacists can refuse a legitimate prescription if they think it might possibly be one of the many substances that, alone or in tandem, might cause a pregnancy to miscarry. Private communications are being hacked. Women who are not pregnant, don’t plan to be pregnant, or even unable to be pregnant are being asked to justify a prescription or get a note from their doctor as if they were in third grade. But the conversation is always about abortion and not about the reality that women do not enjoy the same rights as men or, for that matter, any fetus or possible future fetus. Full Stop. Women now find their rights to bodily integrity superseded by even a possible future fetus. Yet, the conversation is about abortion and has been since Roe v. Wade was decided.

Democrats have been bloviating about classified documents since the FBI, fulfilling their mandate, went into a private citizen’s home with a duly sworn warrant to retrieve property illegally held in that residence. That happened only after the private citizen refused repeated requests for said documents and had his lawyers lie that there were no documents. Classified or unclassified, the person in question had things that did not belong to him but rather to the United States Government.

Democrats have chosen the defensive position in the protection of life. Yet, it is they who have championed life-affirming policies such as medical coverage, school lunches, things like feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, and giving shelter to the homeless. At the same time, the Republicans thwart those life-affirming initiatives still insisting that corporations are people with rights. Democrats have been called baby killers, yet more babies are sickened or die because they don’t have sufficient food, safe housing, or medical coverage. Already born humans, women, and children are not a priority in Republican policies. Bullets kill men, women, and children from guns that Republicans champion.

It is laughable that the Democrats are called the elites of academia yet cannot manage to reframe the narrative in a way that reclaims the biblical high ground or, for that matter, the Constitutional imperatives.

The tail is wagging the dog, and it is a furless infected tail at that. We are beaten up daily with lies and nonsense. We allow fomenting of rebellion in the name of free speech, but in contravention of free speech, we are banning literature for whole segments of our school children because those scrofulous tails are trying to prevent such dangerous topics as slavery or identity from opening the minds being nailed shut.

Ignorance is not bliss. By refusing to examine subjects that might harm the delicate sensitivities of their dear little ones, those parents that want to exclude slavery or individual differences in race, religion, gender identity, or any other topic of the day that is advanced by media or internet voices, are ensuring their children will be ill-equipped to flourish in a society in which those differences exist.

The First Amendment is first because it covers the most basic requirements for a free society. Yet, we are hearing a drumbeat from the dark holes of intolerance that this should be a White Christian country. One must suppose that everyone else will either be in internment or reeducation camps or summarily shipped off to someplace. Perhaps that will be how a moon colony will be used.

It would be just super if all the “thoughts and prayers” prayed for the already dead victims of racial, sexual, homophobic, or religious violence meted out by those same white, straight, or well hooded and righteous folks who have handled the black, gay, female, Muslim or Jewish problems they’ve identified in the past so effectively might actually include some real thinking and praying for their own enlightenment.

Frankly, in the country that they imagine, most of us would vote with our feet, especially those real Christians who know Jesus was serious. Moonbase Alpha, here we come.

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M.A. Callahan
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