Thursday, March 23, 2023

Mendacious, Craven, Duplicitous, and Foul

Washington, DC – There are so many really fine words describing character traits that sadly have gone out of fashion, like mendacious, craven, and duplicitous lying SOB. Sadly, because the manifestation of these traits has reached such a calamitous peak, that reality has become a choice. This week, some ostensibly human beings have made merry about the attempted murder of an 82-year-old man. Ah, another word, loathsome.

Yet, these vile beasts have a following. Something oddly named “Q,” presumably referencing an early Star Trek character, has spewed some of the most absurd conspiracy theories that one must suppose the website originally was an Onion-like entity. Currently, an alarming crowd takes each lunacy as reality. Baby-eating pederasts worshipping Satan. Seriously!

We now have vigilantes with weapons intimidating voters aggressively because they want to prevent nonexistent voting fraud. Apparently, having nothing at all to put forward as policy other than blocking anything the opposition puts out, the party of these folks has decided to prevent voters from exercising their rights. How they know who is voting for whom is a mystery. These people are sitting with guns.

Radicalization takes time. For decades the game plan for Republicans has been to so demonize the opposition that their adherents are now willing to kill folks who disagree with them. Dressed up like soldiers, play-acting the part — they run around in the woods pretending it’s the clothes and weapons that make a soldier. ”Proud boys,” they even call themselves “boys.” It is pathetic.

There is no solution so long as the people seeking or holding office, and their compatriots keep up this monstrous strategy. But their characters, whatever they might have once been, are now mendacious, craven, duplicitous, and fouled by years of participating in this horror. It’s heretical that most of these people insist that they are Christians. They are not. They have betrayed their faith in favor of ambition. One wonders if God will overlook the damage they have done and continue to do.

God help us all, please.


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M.A. Callahan
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