Monday, July 22, 2024

Madness has Overtaken USA. Heresy has Overtaken Christianity. 

Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.
The High Priest of the Great God, Naria, has not been recognized as the false prophet he is by those who once were followers of Jesus. His foul deeds are excused. His hatred is overlooked. His words, antithetical to the words of Jesus, are deemed worthy, while the teachings of Jesus are called “woke.” He vows retribution to all who have spoken against him. He suggests that long-serving decorated generals should be executed. He wants prosecutors and judges jailed.
We now live in a country in which the First Amendment to the United States Constitution apparently has an exception: saying anything negative about Israel or Judaism is no longer allowed. Presidents of universities are finding their jobs in jeopardy because they haven’t adequately punished words currently no longer covered by free speech. Simply suggesting that the former citizens of what was once Palestine might have the right to live is condemned. The assault on the right to express an opinion, if it is not in support of Israel, is negated. This is very bad news for Jews.
Senator Graham has labeled all the people of Gaza as terrorists. Apparently, the rotting half-eaten corpses of infants in destroyed hospitals are a proper sacrifice because they might have lived to grow up and oppose the policies of the very state whose rockets and bombs killed their parents and doctors and left them to die. The current resident of the “White” House cannot even bring himself, a devout (?) Roman Catholic, to allow the United Nations to pass a resolution for a cease-fire. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness only apply to those deemed worthy, and with the one exception of Israel, only Christians are.
It seems saying negative things about Gazans is fine. One day of horror justifies two months of horrific revenge. Yet, despite the avalanche of lip service, somehow Congress cannot manage to pass legislation to fund aid to Israel or Ukraine because the usual group of Republicans insist on including border issues. Immigration is such an effective replacement for the former wedge issue of abortion that rather than attempting to actually form a solution, the issue is continually used to disrupt any decisions at all.
If the Republicans in the House, fawning toadies to the High Priest, truly desired some progress on immigration issues, they would have put forth a plan and worked to create a viable solution. That would deprive them of the useful obfuscation of the matter to divide the country. The high priest has declared that, once he gets the opportunity, he will restrict anyone not “Christian” from entering this sadly benighted country. Considering the mass mayhem perpetrated by those determined to add multitudes of sacrifices to the Great God Naria, this country should cease to be a chosen destination. Our strength was the constant infusion of energetic and enthusiastic new citizens willing to work hard, educate their children, and flourish. Now, the goal is to limit any new competition for jobs that our current populous considers their birthright. The enthusiasm and energy to improve and educate are gone. Higher education is under assault because it is so much easier to bring others down than it is to do the work to bring oneself up.
Their divinely designated leader once again claims he can create a much better healthcare program. He and his zealous acolytes have been saying that since the Affordable Care Act was passed almost a decade ago, but like immigration and abortion, rather than actually working to improve what exists, his group of radicals prefer to use the issues to undermine trust in the government and courts.
The high priest constantly lies, but his words are seen as truth. Since he promises to eliminate any immigrants, and perhaps anyone, that is not “Christian,” all his corrupt and unholy deeds are accepted.
It is small wonder that people are turning away from churches and organizations that purport to be Christian. Anyone who actually reads the Gospels must recognize that the behaviors of the High Priest’s believers are not in conformity with the teaching of the man from Nazareth.
Madness has overtaken the United States of America. Heresy has overtaken Christianity.
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M.A. Callahan
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