Monday, September 26, 2022

It Is Time That We Rise Up and Demand Better

Washington, DC – Today’s SCOTUS ruling, while devastating, is not surprising. It is just the beginning of what the Republican Party and their right-wing Supreme Court are working towards — access to contraception and the right to gay marriage are now in danger too. At a time when healthcare and housing are unaffordable, severe climate disasters are occurring regularly, mass shootings have become the norm, baby formula is unobtainable, and pay is stagnant, Republicans have chosen to focus their energy on an issue that will make living a healthy, fulfilling, and stable life more difficult for millions of people, particularly low-income and working-class people of color.

So what do we do now? We must put people in office who will actually do what they promise. Voters turn out when they see their elected officials make tangible change.

We mobilize. We get on the streets and exercise our right to protest. We get involved with our local communities and reach out to our community leaders. We volunteer to help elect new leaders and get involved with our local political parties.

We also need to call on the Democratic Party and President Biden to pass laws and sign executive orders that will protect contraception and gay marriage, provide accessible and affordable healthcare, codify abortion rights into federal law, and establish term limits for Supreme Court justices.

As we all know, banning abortion does not stop abortions from happening. It just makes it more difficult and more dangerous for people with uteruses to get essential medical care. It is time that we rise up and demand better for ourselves, our children, our communities, and our entire country.

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Victoria Virasingh
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