Monday, August 15, 2022

Is the Noose Tightening Around Dawood Ibrahim?

Washington, DC – Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) Todd D. Robinson is on a four-day visit to Pakistan and may bring up the issue of Karachi-based crime lord and narcotics trafficker Dawood Ibrahim in discussions with Pakistan government officials.

During his visit, Assistant Secretary Robinson will discuss US-Pakistan cooperation on various topics, including counternarcotics, gender issues, transnational crime, and border security.

In response to a question from GSV on whether Assistant Secretary Robinson will take up the issue of the transnational criminal and narcotics network of Karachi – based Dawood Ibrahim, a State Department official said, “We raise the issue of transnational organized crime and narcotics trafficking with our partners and interlocutors at every available opportunity.”

Dawood Ibrahim, who has been designated as a Global Terrorist under Executive Order 13224 by the US Treasury Department, is involved in large-scale shipments of narcotics in the UK and Western Europe and funding attacks by Islamic extremists aimed at destabilizing the Indian government. His transnational crime syndicate, D Company, principally operates in India, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates. D Company is involved in various criminal activities, including narcotics trafficking, extortion, smuggling, and contract killings. Dawood Ibrahim and other leaders of D Company are the subjects of INTERPOL Red Notices for their suspected involvement in the 1993 terrorist bombings in Mumbai, India, in which 257 people lost their lives. In October 2003, the Treasury Department named Dawood Ibrahim as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist. In June 2006, the United States named Dawood Ibrahim and D Company as Significant Foreign Narcotics Traffickers pursuant to the Kingpin Act. Additionally, in May 2012, Treasury designated two senior D Company lieutenants, Chhota Shakeel and Ibrahim Tiger Memon, under the Kingpin Act.

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