Thursday, June 20, 2024

Governor Hogan: We’ve Got To Put Our Country Above Party

Washington, DC – “We can either embrace the truth of what happened with the election and what happened on January 6th, or we could be destroyed by lies,” said Maryland Governor Larry Hogan. Speaking to CBS Mornings at the US Capitol to discuss the events of January 6, 2021, Governor Hogan said that many people have been misled with “an incredible misinformation/disinformation campaign, but to think that these were patriotic tourists…when a hundred and thirty some Capitol Police were assaulted, where we had five people die…. where they were breaking through the windows of the Capitol. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Hogan emphasized the need to put country above party, and stand up for and defend the Constitution of the United States. Recalling the events of last year, Hogan said he could never forget that day when he got frantic calls from the Congress leaders requesting the Maryland State Police and Maryland National Guard to come and defend them.

Hogan said that more leaders like himself have to stand up and tell the truth, particularly Republican leaders. Expressing concern about where we are as a country and where we are with the Republican Party, Hogan continued, “ I do think this is critically important for us to do something to fix that toxic, broken politics that we have here in Washington and across the country. And we’ve got to get my party back on track and get people to come up with a positive, hopeful vision for America, rather than focusing on conspiracy theories about what happened in 2020.”

Reflecting on the increasing divide in America today, Hogan said that the extremes of both parties were tearing the country apart, and more leaders needed to stand up and tell it like it is. He added that today was a great day to reflect on the problems, and work together to fix what is happening because the country can’t continue to go in this direction.

Calling the January 6th insurrection the worst assault on democracy in his lifetime and perhaps one of the worst in American history, Hogan said, “If we don’t get to the bottom of what happened a year ago and if we don’t get people focused on the facts, if we don’t do something to lower the temperature, the angry, divisive politics…. I’m concerned that this could happen again.”

Hogan acknowledged that Republican leaders were afraid to stand up and tell the truth because they were being attacked, threatened and primaried, and the former president was endorsing people to run against them. “It takes courage. And quite frankly, you know, we just don’t have enough people standing up. But none of that bothers me. I’m going to stand up and keep telling the truth.”

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